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Troubleshooting and Repair Tips - Symptom - Burning smell

Gas dryers that have a burning smell could be the result of lint build-up around the burner. If lint gets inside of the burner, it can ignite and cause smoke. It usually burns it self out quickly, but results in an unsettling odor. The burner should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid this issue. A burning smell could also be caused by poor air flow. This poor air flow could be a result of a clogged vent outside of the dryer or lint build up inside the dryer - particularly around the blower or lint filter housing. Common repair scenarios for Gas Dryers with a burning smell are below.

GE Gas Dryer -most models.
-Unplug the dryer
-Shut off the gas valve that supplies the dryer.
-Remove the top by taking out the two screws at the inner top of the door frame.
-Remove the two screws that hold the front of the dryer on. They are visible from the inside top of the dryer and looking down at the door.
-Remove the front of the dryer by pulling the front down and lifting it off of the clips at the bottom.
-Remove the two screws on the front of the dryer frame that holds the two sides to the frame.
-Reach inside and grab the idler assembly (to the left). Spring it back and remove the belt.
-Lift the drum up to release it from the back bearing.
-Pull the drum out.
-Note the gas valve will be to the front right of the dyrer.
-Vacuum all of the lint from the top of the burner tube (it settles on top of the burner tube and tends to burn over time).
-Vacuum all of the link around the burner - particularly any lint that is near the front of the burner tube as it gets sucked in and ignites .
-Vacuum all of the lint from the inside of the dryer, the blower assembly, the front panel, and the lint trap area of the front panel.
-Finally, with a damp rag, wipe excess lint from anywhere around the burner.
-Put the dryer back together in reverse order as described.
-Make sure the venting of the dryer is unobstructed from the dryer - all the way to the outside of the home as a burning smell can also be caused by overheating associated with a clogged venting system.
-Test the dryer.





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